Slated Top of the Charts for August 2019

New MembersEduardo Sallouti— Score: 74Adam Howard — Score: 69Julie Hartley — Score: 60Tiger Rudge — Score: 56Jerram Swartz — Score: 54Trending Films By Script ScoreThe Cryptid — Script Score: 71Trending Films By RaisedElla Minnow Pea — Package Score: 45Norma’s Sun— Package Score: 37Valley of Spirits— Package Score: 36The Tenant— Package Score: 50Dead End — Package Score: 57Slated — where great movies get made.Projects, talent, financing & distribution — sign up at welcome.slated.comSlated Top of the Charts for August 2019 was originally published in filmonomics @ slated on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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