Common Era Films launches Sponsorship Deck for upcoming NFL Documentary

Common Era Motion Pictures, a film studio in Dallas, Texas has just released it’s official sponsorship deck for their upcoming NFL Draft Documentary DIG DEEP. It was a hot day in June, 2017 when Executive Producer John Strawn met with Jose Jefferson of the College Gridiron Showcase to finalize production negotiations of what would be the biggest sports film sinceFRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. One year and 115 NFL opportunities later, DIG DEEP is entering post-production and prepping for the upcoming 12-city screening tour beginning in late fall this year.

“Looking back on the last 12 months I’ve watched the conception of an idea turn into pure excitement! Never in my wildest dreams did think two-thirds of the players we filmed would be drafted, my energy level has never been higher.”

– John Strawn | Executive Producer


Starting in late September 2018 the team at Common Era will begin their 12 city screening tour for the film DIG DEEP. This is very unique to the film world and helps drive audience engagement while at the same time push video-on-demand sales for the film. However with Dig Deep, the schedule of events will extend past just a screening. Each stop will have events Friday – Sunday and include the official screening event, a filmmaker Q & A Dinner and a morning leadership conference covering the building blocks of an athletes professional career outside of football. Full tour schedules will be released towards the end of the summer.


Click the image to be taken to the sponsorship package.

Common Era Films provides a unique sponsorship opportunity for companies and brands that want to align themselves with College Football and the NFL whom otherwise might lack the revenue to sit at the table alone. On average, companies will spend anywhere between 2-5% of annual gross revenues on marketing & advertising. That being said, it remains hard for many companies to compete for sponsorship spots with NFL teams when they are competing with companies like Pepsi, Miller Light and Sprint, just to name a few. These companies have tens to hundreds of millions of dollars allocated in their advertising budget each year. Smaller companies either don’t have the additional room in the ad budget for sports advertising or would have to allocate a majority of the spend to single sponsorship. Any corporate manager or executive understands this is fundamentally problematic. Common Era provides a solution; sponsor our screening tour and place your brand with the future stars of the NFL without having to spend millions.


In the world of social media we live in much value is placed on the experience of media vs the final outcome. Live streaming has become a concrete part of how we communicate, connect and share our stories around the world. That’s why at each screening city every event will be steamed live on Vimeo and Periscope using the new live streaming cameras provided by the wonderful people at MEVO. Our live stream will be hosted on our custom DIG DEEP LIVE page on Vimeo in fall. This provides an unparalleled opportunity for sponsors to expose their brand to millions live, in person and on the web. Truly, you couldn’t ask for a better situation.



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