Cannes Cinematography Survey: Here’s the Cameras and Lenses Used to Shoot 54 Films

IndieWire reached out to the cinematographers whose feature films are premiering at the Cannes Film Festival to find out which cameras and lenses they used and, more importantly, why these were the right tools to create the visual language of their films.
Page 1: Competition (Palme d’Or Contenders)
Page 2: Out of Competition & Special Screenings
Page 3: Un Certain Regard & Critics’ Week
Page 4: Directors’ Fortnight
(Films are in alphabetical order by title.)
“Atlantics” cinematographer Claire Mathoncourtesy of filmmaker
Dir: Mati Diop, DoP: Claire Mathon
Format: Digital, 1.66 aspect ratio, post production was done in 2K
Camera: Red Epic 5K and Panasonic Varicam35 4K
Lens: Angenieux 45/120 and

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