As the official shoot date is less than two weeks away the cast and crew prepare for the first official table read at Shelter Studios in New York City Monday. Co-Creator Tim McArdle along with lead and Co-Creator Evan Leone are both excited about the full cast and crew being together in the same place for the first time. 

Crew Highlights – Photography 

Meet Jason Cantu – Director of

Kansas City, Missouri – As a Director of Photography, it is my job to ensure that the director’s vision is met and maintained with the highest standard of creative visual storytelling.  Through precise lighting design, camera movement, and composition, my teams make that happen.  I have shot hundreds of hours of finished programming including independent feature film, documentaries, music videos, commercials and television programming.  Having traveled extensively for work, I’m comfortable shooting anywhere in the world. In addition to lighting and composition design, I am a proficient director, camera operator, camera crane operator, and steadicam operator.

Jason’s wealth of experience and an acute attention to detail with production design gives us a competitive edge where other pilot productions fall short. Needless to say we are fortunate to have him leading the visual direction of ‘Alter Boy‘.

John Strawn – Executive Producer

Meet Samantha Fernandes – Set Photographer

Samantha, better known as Sama Fern on Instagram, has been been capturing human emotion through the eye of a lens since she was a little girl. Keeping with the true form of art, below is Samantha’s life in pictures. 

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